May Erlewine Trio

Her words have held solace for weary hearts, offered a light in the darkness and held a lot of space for the pain and joy of being alive in these times. When she starts to sing, there’s no way around it. Welcome to the moment, everyone.

Holler StageSaturday, 7:40 PM, Holler Stage
CabinSaturday, 10:30 PM, Cabin

The Appleseed Collective

Riding the wave of the bluegrass revival beyond newgrass and into a strange new genre-bending territory, they explore the full range of dark and light, old and new, composition and improvisation in a theatrical stage show that transports audiences through time.

icon holler stageSaturday, 8:50 PM, Holler Stage
icon cabinSaturday, 12:30 PM, Cabin 
icon website2Website

Jesse Ray & the Carolina Catfish

Influenced by blues, punk, and rock-n-roll with a small dash country; hard hitting guitar, splitting harmonica, rambunctious drums, and crooning vocals will lay in the wake of this band’s performance. If you’re a fan of back to basics or “old school” rock-n-roll, this is a band you won’t want to miss.

Holler StageFriday, 9:40 PM, Holler Stage

Dick Siegel

For more than three decades he has delighted audiences in this country and Canada with his songs and performances. Siegel’s joyous and penetrating vision has made his songs part of the culture: radio theme songs, quotable classics, and markers deeply embedded in the hearts of his many fans. 

Holler StageSunday, 3:20 PM, Holler Stage

Micah Middaugh

Expect the unexpected from the instigator of Michigan’s beloved “Breathe Owl Breathe.”

TreehouseSaturday, 7:00 PM, Treehouse
TreehouseSaturday, 11:30 PM, Cabin

The Madcat Midnight Blues Journey

Conducted by harmonica wizard Peter Madcat Ruth, this eclectic electric quartet is fueled by the guitar and steel fireworks of Drew “Captain Midnight” Howard, and propelled by the mighty rhythm section of bassist Mark “Papa” Schrock and drummer Michael “Kid” Shimmin.

Holler StageSunday, 4:30 PM, Holler Stage

Billy King

Billy teams with some of the area’s  top musicians to get you on your feet for the Saturday rockin' close-out. Catchy folk/rock, searing blues, upbeat rhythms, thoughtful ballads. You'll hear it all if you stay up late!

Holler StageSaturday, 11:10 PM, Holler Stage

Liquid Monk

Intense fusion of funk, soul, jam, electronic and jazz from Metro Detroit.

Holler StageFriday, 10:50, Holler Stage

Wire in the Wood

Energetic, weird, crazy, uplifting, confusing, hilarious, and awesome all wrapped in wild improvisation, unique song writing, and beautiful harmony.

Holler StageSaturday, 5:20 PM, Holler Stage

The Barbarossa Brothers

Sweet country finger picking and snarling blues riffs inspired by the streets of New Orleans with a reggae bounce.

icon cabinSaturday, 10:00 PM, Holler Stage
icon cabinWebsite

Libby DeCamp

Honeyed vocals ride atop ballads, chanties, toe-tappers, and blues propelled by unconventional percussion and accent instruments.

CabinSunday, 2:00 PM, Cabin

Andru Bemis

Innovative banjo and guitar with a howl and whoop of a song - evoking trains, longing and the innocent energy of simpler times.

CabinFriday, 12:30 AM, Cabin
Tree HouseSaturday, 6:00 PM, Tree House, with friends

Misty Lyn and the Big Beautiful

Misty Lyn Bergeron has penned haunting melodies over simple arrangements that traverse the gothic, literary fringes of American roots music.

Holler StageFriday, 6:10 PM, Holler Stage

Audra Kubat & Friends

One of the Motor City’s select female voices, with folk-rock and indie pop stylings.

CabinSaturday, 7:30 PM, Cabin

Friends with the Weather

Upbeat and uplifting songs to help us weather the storms. Longtime friends and musical collaborators bring fresh new material and sonic textures to their latest weather report.

Holler StageFriday, 8:30 PM, Holler Stage

Annie and Rod Capps

Songs about broken things and poignant little ponderings delivered with a rootsy vibe, a touch of twang and a soulful groove.

CabinFriday, 7:30 PM, Cabin

Dave Boutette

Whether banging out a set of saloon songs at a Michigan watering hole, or settling back for an evening of singing at a fire ring afterward, Dave Boutette will hold listeners as long as they keep the lights on or until the rain starts.

Second HollerSaturday, 3:00 PM, Second Holler
Second HollerSaturday, 8:30 PM, Cabin

Jive Colossus

Shake a tail feather to some serious funk, jazz and Afro-Caribbean grooves with this 10-piece musical ensemble. Stick around and help us close out Holler Fest with a dance party!

Holler StageSunday, 6:50 PM, Holler Stage

Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery

Joshua Powell is an artist from Indianapolis with a literate brand of psychedelic indie rock that is simultaneously socially conscious and spiritually turbulent.

Holler StageFriday, 7:20 PM, Holler Stage

The Raisin Pickers

Hailing from Manchester but performing all around the Mitten, this seasoned group of stellar multi-instrumentalists plays a mix of rustic Appalachian music, old time swing, bluegrass, and Louisiana sounds.

Holler StageSaturday, 4:10 PM, Holler Stage

Chris Good & The Sweet Insurrection

Tasteful and eclectic blend of folk, blue grass, straight up reggae, shuffling funk and Latin American rhythms.

Holler StageSaturday, 6:30, Holler Stage

Jo Serrapere & the Willie Dunns

Whether recreating old songs from the Mississippi Delta or performing songs in her own confessional style, Jo's music stands original while always reflecting her love of American roots music.

Holler StageSunday, 1:00 PM, Holler Stage

Shari Kane & Dave Steele

A four handed guitar party of original and time-honored blues, gospel, swing and ragtime.

Holler StageFriday, 10:30 PM, Cabin

The Dorkestra

Dork it up with this diverse group of musicians who combine Jazz, African, Latin and Funk into a unique dorking dancing experience!  

Second HollerSaturday, 10:00 PM, Second Holler

Donya Kiana & Company

Her music has been described by many as haunting and captivating - with a dramatic flair. Melancholy folk ballads transfer you to another time when light was dim and fleeting. Donya draws much inspiration from English & Irish history; the arts, landscape, & struggles of the people.

icon cabinSaturday, 9:30 PM, Cabin

Kameryn Ogden

A combination of jazz, folk, and pop sounds with a unique, strong and captivating female vocal.

CabinFriday, 8:30 PM, Cabin

Spirits Rising (Joe Reilly and Allison Radell)

Joe Reilly and Allison Radell use their collective musical gifts to help inspire and uplift others. “We have a sacred fire burning between us.”

CabinSaturday, 4:30 PM, Cabin

Cold Tone Harvest

Historic and honest sound. The music gets you thinking about where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Holler StageSunday, 2:00 PM, Holler Stage
Holler StageFriday, 9:30 PM, Cabin

Frank Allison

After 10 years of solitude, he began working on a new voice, and developed his own new style of rhythmic, funky, ukulele music.

icon second hollerSaturday, 4:10 PM, Second Holler
icon second hollerSunday, 4:00 PM, Cabin

Natalie Mae

Natalie’s voice is “achingly watching a beautiful wild thing, wondering where it’s going to land next.” -Dick Siegel

icon holler stageSaturday, 2:20 PM, Holler Stage

Creole du Nord

Their sound can be traced to southwest Louisiana’s traditional music. Mix in some crossover oldtime tunes, add a dash of early Americana sounds and enjoy a jambalaya of music the way it tasted in the good ol' pre-mass media days!

Holler StageSunday, 5:40 PM, Holler Stage

Michael Beauchamp-Cohen

With his powerful voice and mournful guitar licks, Michael Beauchamp spins beautifully melodic yarns about lost love, discovery, and the the playful allure of live music. Long-time member of Red Tail Ring.

Holler StageSaturday, 1:20 PM, Holler Stage

Harrington Brown

Comprised of guitarists Andrew Brown (The Appleseed Collective), & Michael Harrington, the two join together to recreate the fast and energetic swing, reminiscent of the Hot Club of France.

CabinSaturday, 1:30 PM, Cabin

Greater Alexander

The path to achieving a dream can be a long, arduous journey. On it, you see remnants of those that have traveled before you. You see lost hope and altered courses. Indie­folk artist, Greater Alexander, has seen all of that and more.

CabinFriday, 11:30 PM, Cabin

Barefeet Bearfeet

With tangled manes and stories to match, these playful folks play playful folk in the key of Michigan.

CabinSaturday, 11:30 AM, Cabin

Judy Banker & Friends

No matter what, you can bet she’ll have you stomping your feet and crying in your beer, maybe at the same time.

Holler StageSunday, 12:00 PM, Holler Stage


Menefee has been crooning his way into the heart of Ann Arbor since the late ’60s, as well as building stone chimneys throughout the state, and starring in the Michigan-based musical “The North Country Opera.” Menefee holds a lexicon of American song craft in his set list and delivers the tunes in a charming, age-old easy manner.

CabinSaturday, 6:30 PM, Cabin

Dan Hall

“I always write for the sake of the song and if I get into a vibe or story line I just try to see it through.”

CabinSaturday, 3:20 PM, Holler Stage
CabinSaturday, 5:30 PM, Cabin

Vint & Mathilda

Vint and Mathilda arent your ordinary duo. Combine one extremely extroverted philosophy/english major who plays classical guitar with a penchant for life in Spain, one exceedingly quiet classical violinist with an anthropology degree, a dash of gypsy flair, a sprinkle of Vivaldi, and perhaps a bit too much bouquet of Bob Dylan and you start to get the idea.

Holler StageSaturday, 11:20 AM, Holler Stage

Fangs and Twang

A stripped down roots-rock blend of indie-kicks and swinging bluegrass with theatrical, croony lyrics.

Second HollerFriday, 8:30 PM, Second Holler


Rooted in traditional Irish music, Nutshell pulls in many other influences to create their own delicious stew. A Holler Fest tradition!

Holler StageSunday, 10:00 AM, Holler Stage

Magdalen Fossum

Not yet in her twenties, Magdalen is a seasoned performer who offers old jazz, old traditionals, and original songs with an unaffected presentation and crystal clear voice.

icon treehouseSaturday, 4:00 PM, Treehouse

Syd Burnham Band

From bluesy rock to 90’s metal and country folk, this young singer-songwriter and guitarist is out to show an audience a good time.

icon holler stageFriday, 5:00 PM, Holler Stage

Emma Guzman

Singer-songwriter, known cat enthusiast, rumored star child and compelled by unknown forces, has always felt the need to express herself through music.

TreehouseSaturday, 3:00 PM, Treehouse

Monte Pride

Monte Pride is a Michigan-born, Michigan-based singer-songwriter & fingerstyle guitarist whose songs recall the delicate vocals of Simon & Garfunkel, with guitar-work reminiscent of Nick Drake and The Tallest Man on Earth. He blends haunting melodies with vivid lyricism, bringing stories of love, loss, and longing to life in a complex array of healing, soul stirring song.

CabinSunday, 3:00 PM, Cabin

Lisa Wolf

Inspired by classical music, improv jazz and soulful singer/songwriters, Lisa writes about living the good life and meditating on the right course of action.

TreehouseSunday, 4:00 PM, Tree House

Ryan and the Shea Butter Boys

Ryan Shea performs his original folk tunes with musical friends.

Second HollerSaturday, 6:30 PM, Second Holler

Michael Lee

A mime actor, an art he has practiced, shared and taught for over 30 years. Be transported into the rich non-verbal world of humor, pathos and surprise!

TreehouseSaturday, 11:00 AM, Treehouse

Joe Reilly Kids Show

Joe’s positive and uplifting lyrics are served up with the catchy tunes and upbeat rhythms that all kids love.

Second HollerSaturday, 1:00 PM, Second Holler

The Switchbacks

A character filled five piece musical ensemble hailing from the Ann Arbor area. We like to groove. We like to have fun.

icon second hollerFriday, 9:30 PM, Second Holler

The Hacky Turtles

"The vibe that emerges is sort of like the Red Hot Chili Peppers taking a road trip to the Appalachians with John Mayer." - John Sinckevics | Local Spins

Second HollerSaturday, 7:40 PM, Second Holler

Anne Heaton & Frank Marotta Jr.

Her graceful, vulnerable, and sometimes humorous pop-folk songs have captured audience imaginations for over a decade.

TreehouseSunday, 2:00 PM, Treehouse

Shannon Lee

Her songs are a personal glimpse into a life lived fully and an exploration of universal themes. 

TreehouseSaturday, 5:00 PM, Tree House

The Herbal Remedies


TreehouseSaturday, 1:00 PM, Treehouse

Michelle Held

Highly regarded as one of Detroit’s most original musical talents, Michelle is known for her captivating live performances.

TreehouseSaturday, 8:00 PM, Tree House

Sixties Sing-a-long

Raise your voices together with Cathy King and musical friends - featuring favorite songs from the '60s. All welcome!

CabinSaturday, 2:30 PM, Cabin

Johnny’s Gospel Hour

Songs and celebration, prayers and praise. With Johnny Walker, Holler Fest's emcee for 10 years and counting.

Second HollerSunday, 10:30 AM, Second Holler

The Sarah Swanson Band

Sarah began writing songs as a child and embarked on her lifelong journey, often influenced by her parents’ 70's music collection laced with an edgy and often haunting alternative rock sound of today. In high school and college, Sarah played in cover bands to make a living and gain stage experience. Her true love, however, remains being a songwriter and performing her songs with her top notch band.

Second HollerSunday, 12:30 PM, Second Holler
icon website2Website


Hear four experienced storytellers spin tales of wit and wonder! Curated by Patti Wheeler, host of the Ann Arbor and Detroit “Moth storySLAM” events.

CabinSunday, 1:00 PM, Cabin


Marco and Asim

Acoustic trio plays Blues, Folk & World Music-new and improved, with more pickin', grinnin' & slide guitar!

TreehouseSaturday, 2:00 PM, Treehouse

Cosmic Flavors

We are an Ann Arbor Michigan based band playing original Mystically Oriented Music intended to uplift the listener.

Second HollerSunday, 3:30, Second Holler


Corndaddy's music hearkens back to the glory days of country rock through filters of power pop, bluegrass and British Invasion bombast.

Second HollerSaturday, 8:50 PM, Second Holler

Dave Roof & Michael Snyder-Barker

Dave Roof & Michael Snyder-Barker will be performing tunes from both of their solo recordings. Tales of life that is heartfelt, warm & inspiring.

TreehouseSaturday, 1:00 PM, Treehouse

Conspicuous Bystanders

Like Amy Winehouse died when a Led Zeppelin crashed on Black Sabbath.

Second HollerFriday, 7:30 PM, Second Holler

Gemily - Family Show

Featuring San, Laz and Emily Slomovitz. Traditional and contemporary folk, jazz and classical music, and Broadway show tunes.

icon second hollerSaturday, 2:00 PM, Second Holler
icon second hollerSaturday, 3:30 PM, Cabin (San & Emily)

Spencer Michaud

He draws upon the ghosts of Motown, tin-pan alley and the folk tradition to create a sound that is both theatrical and sincere.

TreehouseSaturday, 5:30 PM, Cabin

Ricky Olmos and Joshua Powell

Rick Olmos, alternative songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Jackson Michigan and Joshua Powell, an artist from Indianapolis with a literate brand of psychedelic indie rock.

icon treehouseSaturday, 9:00 PM, Treehouse

Bob Stebbins

Bob Stebbins is a local Luthier building classical guitars in the Irish Hills. He has been building and playing classical guitars for over 40 years. His performance in the cabin will take the listener from 16th century pieces to modern classical guitar works. Robert will be playing a Stebbins guitar built in 2017 using East Indian Rosewood back and sides with a Western Red Cedar soundboard.

CabinSaturday, 10:30 AM, Cabin

Bowdish Brothers

Brawny roots music from long-time Ann Arbor area musicians.

Second HollerSunday, 1:30 PM, Second Holler

Timothy Monger State Park

Melding subtle synth textures with elements of psych, folk, and jangling power pop, Monger explores themes of hope, struggle, and personal revelation in poignant observations that celebrate the weird odyssey of the self.

Second HollerSaturday, 5:20 PM, Second Holler

Ancestral Voices


CabinFriday, 7:00 PM, Treehouse


Three well-established Ann Arbor musicians form the musical corners of this folk trio.

Second HollerSaturday, 12:00 PM, Second Holler

Joshua Barton & Seerstones

Dark old-time sounds of country blues, “American Primitive” guitar, and noisy drone.

CabinFriday, 6:30 PM, Second Holler

Team Love

Team Love plays jazz and more for your listening and dancing pleasure.

CabinFriday, 6:30 PM, Cabin

Michael Shelata

Solo piano from the host of the Second Holler stage and The Ark’s open mic.

CabinSunday, 11:00 AM, Cabin

The Randaliers

The Randaliers (Vicki Dischler, Randy Leer and Phil Campbell) thrive on breathing new life and a unique twist into old favorites and lesser known gems.

TreehouseSaturday, 12:00 PM, Treehouse


Jackson based music project that bonds Midwest soul and post-rock ambience.

icon treehouseFriday, 8:00 PM, Treehouse

West Park Music Society

A collection of musical friends who live in Southeast Michigan and get together to enjoy making music.

Holler StageSunday, 11:00 AM, Holler Stage

Share the Hedge

Classically-trained tenor J. Washburn Gardner expands his solo act to share the stage with Melissa Gardner on the mandola.

Second HollerSaturday, 11:00 AM, Second Holler

The Lucky Nows

Mixing contemporary folk, traditional country, gypsy scales, oatmeal raisin cookies and extreme sleep deprivation to create a totally unique sound.

Sunday, 2:30 PM, Second Holler


Catchy, hand crafted melodies and witty lyrics create a performance that has rhythm, style, and humor.

CabinSunday, 5:00 PM, Cabin

No Conflict

Originals and classic tunes in the styles of the Grateful Dead, Neil Young and the occasional Hank William tune. We might throw in tunes by the White Stripes, ZZTop and/or The Cars. This band focuses on having fun and being a fun band to listen to.

Second HollerSunday, 11:30 AM, Second Holler

Open Mic

Sign up at Info Tent, 9:30 AM. Space limited!

Holler StageSaturday, 10:00 AM, Holler Stage