Holler Fest 2022 Ultra-lite Program

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icon holler stage
Holler Stage

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Second Holler

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The Cabin

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Interactive Area

5:00 PM Ancestral Voices      
6:00 PM Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet Mercury Salad with Shannon Lee Path   
7:00 PM Earth Radio Vicki Dischler and Kristin Uthus  The Revelators   
8:00 PM   J. Michael & the Heavy Burden  Jonas Dainius Berzanskis  
8:10 PM Creole du Nord      
9:00 PM   Elisabeth Pixley-Fink Nat Needle  
9:20 PM Barbarossa Brothers      
10:00 PM   The Lucky Nows  
10:30 PM Jive Colossus       
11:00 PM   Monte Pride   
11:40 PM Remnose     
Midnight     Hearth & Hymn  


icon holler stage
Holler Stage

icon holler stage
Second Holler

icon holler stage
The Cabin

icon holler stage
Interactive Area

9:30 AM       Hula Hoops Make 'n Take
10:00 AM Nat Needle      
10:30 AM   Open Mic    
11:00 AM Shari Kane & Dave Steele   Clogging - CommonWealth Dance Collective
11:30 AM      Michael Lee  

Robert Jones & Matt Watroba

Gemini Kids Show 


Kat Steih - Rhythm and Play Circle
12:30 PM     Mike Ward  
1:00 PM Djangophonique Milan Anderson    Nat Needle - Sing-Along for Compassion, Wisdom, Joy 
1:30 PM      Kat Steih  
2:00 PM   Anne Erlewine   Davy Rothbart / Found Magazine 
2:10 PM Mike Gentry and Chickenwire Canoe      
2:30 PM      Anne Heaton  
3:00 PM    LaBeaux & Co.   Matt Watroba Sing-Along 
3:20 PM Misty Lynn and the Big Beautiful   
3:30 PM    Joshua Barton   
4:00 PM   i.am.james   Dan Hall - Story Song Creations 
4:30 PM  Dick Siegel    San & Emily  
5:00 PM       All Ages Group Songwriting
5:10 PM   Charlie Millard    
5:30 PM     Shari Kane & Dave Steele  
5:40 PM Nessa      
6:20 PM

Timothy Monger    
6:30 PM Davy Rothbart/Found Magazine   Dan Hall  
7:00 PM Seth Bernard     Cold Mountain Child 
7:30 PM    Fangs and Twang Audra Kubat   
8:00 PM Rollie Tussing & the Midwest Territory Band     Ancestral Voices
8:30 PM     Dick Siegel  
8:40 PM Anna Lee's Company    
9:10 PM The Dorkestra 
9:30 PM      Seth Bernard  
10:20 PM Willy-Nilly and the Free-For-All  
10:30 PM   Joe Reilly with Jamie Rusling and Jenny Jones  
11:30 PM Violet Sol    Djangophonique  
12:30 AM     Greater Alexander  


icon holler stage
Holler Stage

icon holler stage
Second Holler

icon holler stage
The Cabin

icon holler stage
Interactive Area

10:00 AM Nutshell Morning Dance with Mama Luna    
10:20 AM        

10:30 AM


Clogging - CommonWealth Dance Collective

Kerri Barker - Forest Bathing

11:00 AM Johnny's Gospel Hour Relics of the Future Michael Shelata  
12:00 PM RamBull Rompers Joe Reilly Kid's Show Barefeet Bearfeet San and Emily - Play the Bones 
1:00 PM Whiskey Charmers Rochelle Clark & The Familiars Lisa Wolf Nat Needle - Sing-Along 
2:00 PM   Shannon Lee & The Silver Linings Billy and Emily

Wild Edibles 

Singing Rounds

2:10 PM Fay Burns and the Embers      
3:00 PM   Judy Banker Band RamBull Rompers Kevin Brown
3:20 PM Harper and Midwest Kind      
4:00 PM   Jo Serrapere and the La Fawndas Menefee  J. Washburn Gardner
4:30 PM Black Jake & the Carnies      
5:00 PM   Barker and Broski The Music of Jay Stielstra Harper - Harmonica and Didgeridoo 
5:40 PM The Dave Boutette Showband      

hfmap 2022

More Activities & Info


Holler Birds Interactive Area, Sun. 7 AM -8 AM

Inspirations in Nature Interactive Area, Sat. 3 PM

Nature Walk for Kids & Families Kids Tent, Sat. 1:30 PM

Museum of Living Trees ongoing

Fairy Gardens ongoing


Hand Massage
With Faye Ogasawara
Saturday 1-6 PM, Massage Tent

With Lainey Frydrych
Saturday 2-6 PM, Sunday 1-5 PM
Second Massage Tent - check at Info for location / sign-up

Milan Anderson, LMT
Sunday 10 AM-12 PM, Massage Tent


Wake Up Yoga Sat. 8:30-9:30 AM
Morning Yoga Flow Sun. 8:30-9:30
Kids Yoga Sun. 9:45-10:15 AM


Family Drum Circle Sun. 2 PM

Straw Panel Construction Demonstration Meet at Cabin, Sat. 3 PM

Bringing Nature Home Meet at Cabin, Saturday, 10 AM

Garden Tour Meet at Farmers Market Tent, Saturday at 3:30 PM


Farmers Market Tent
Produce from the farm, Sat 3-6 PM, Sun 11-5 PM

Holler Kitchen meal times
Friday 6-8 PM, Saturday 12-2 PM and 6-8 PM, Sunday 11 AM-1 PM and 5-7 PM

Snack Bar
A la carte breakfast, 7 AM - 11 AM
Snacks all day

Be sure to check out our other food vendors - Pilar's Tamales and Pita Delite (Saturday only)