• The CommonWealth Dance Collective
• Saturday 11:00 AM - Noon

• Sun. 10:30 AM - Noon

• Dance Floor Tent

Sat. 11 AM: Sheila Graziano, of The CommonWealth Dance Collective, will give a short demonstration of Appalachian clogging, followed by a beginning-beginning workshop in the genre. Close-toed shoes are best for this feet-on experience!

Sun. 10:30 AM: The CommonWealth Dance Collective will present a 1/2 hour show including various styles of traditional percussive stepdancing, followed by a beginning level feet-on workshop in Appalachian clogging. Close-toed shoes are best for this feet-on experience! Everyone is welcome, and we will adjust the workshop to accommodate those who may already have some experience in this genre.

Founded by Sheila Graziano in 2004, The CommonWealth Dance Collective (CDC) is an ensemble of step dancers based in southeast Michigan that performs myriad percussive dance styles, including Appalachian clogging, English, Canadian, American tap, Celtic, and more!