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Cool Activities at the Kids Tent

Face Painting - Saturday and Sunday afternoon

Lots of crafts and projects!

Yard games, sandpile, badminton

Hoop Dance for Kids with Missy Cooke - Saturday, 2 PM

Missy says: Kids of all ages will love this hoop dance class. We'll cover hooping basics and a few simple tricks. Then we'll all learn a hoop dance choreography together that your daughter or son will be able to show off to friends. Beginners are welcome and you do not need to be able to hoop to attend.

Please bring a water bottle for your child and plan on staying to watch. Children younger than 5 may need adult assistance.

Kids Music!

Gemini - Music for kids of all ages! - Saturday 11 AM/Holler Stage

Joe Reilly Kids Show- Saturday 1 PM/Second Holler

PARENTS: The Kids Tent provides games and activities but not babysitting. If you are uncomfortable leaving your kid(s) alone, please join them at the kids tent.

Many Holler Fest activities are suitable for all ages -  check out Nature Walks, Inspirations in Nature, Edible Plants Walk, Wild Crafting, Energize Your dance, Show Tunes Singalong,  and more!