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Holler Kitchen

Meals from the Holler Kitchen highlight locally-grown organic fare. Most of the dishes use vegetables as local as it gets -- those grown right here at Frog Holler Farm! Holler Kitchen meals are vegan/vegetarian and often draw on culinary traditions from around the world.

Holler Fest Meal Pass

If you know you want to eat all or most of your meals from the Holler Kitchen, consider purchasing a meal pass for $80.00. The Meal Pass covers only meals served from the Holler Kitchen and does not include beverages. Purchase in advance at http://hollerfest.square.site (preferred) or at the Gate when you arrive. Friday evening dinner; selected breakfast options, Saturday lunch and dinner; Sunday brunch and dinner - a delicious deal! Kids Meal Plans are available for $40.00

Recipes From the Holler

We receive regular requests to provide recipes for our delicious Holler Fest meals. We have compiled some of your and our favorites into a jam-packed and very affordable recipe book with lots of Holler history throughout the pages. Find Recipes From the Holler at the Merch Tent.

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Pilar’s Tamales

Pilar’s Tamales are a staple of Holler Fest fare. A variety of satisfying tamales and refreshing traditional fruit drinks make this booth a valued addition to good eating at Holler Fest.

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Go! Ice Cream

Go! Ice Cream, makes everything by hand, from scratch. Using all-natural and local ingredients whenever possible, Go! offers bold versions of classic ice creams and adventurous new flavor combinations.