Jesse Ray & the Carolina Catfish

Influenced by blues, punk, and rock-n-roll with a small dash country; hard hitting guitar, splitting harmonica, rambunctious drums, and crooning vocals will lay in the wake of this band’s performance. If you’re a fan of back to basics or “old school” rock-n-roll, this is a band you won’t want to miss.

Holler StageSaturday, 8:20 PM, Holler Stage

Laura Rain & The Caesars

Detroit’s Laura Rain and the Caesars transform funky soul and R&B into their own unique vision. Inspired by the spirit of classic recordings of a bygone era, Laura Rain creates her own environment of expression with a powerful and soulful voice.

Holler StageSaturday, 9:30 PM, Holler Stage

Breathe Owl Breathe

There, by the heat of a wood stove, they became Breathe Owl Breathe and honed their sound—a wild rumpus of harmony and rhythm with a flair for pop-addled melodies that flips the contemporary folk aesthetic, eschewing freakiness in favor of charm. It’s a dynamic built on coupling clever arrangements with lyrical whimsy.

Holler StageFriday, 9:20 PM, Holler Stage
CabinSaturday, 3:30 PM, Forest Stage
CabinSunday, 2:30 PM, Yurt

The Go Rounds

A variegated sonic voyage that changes and returns like the seasons, flourishing and weathering the Beauty and the Fury.

Holler StageFriday, 9:50 PM, Second Holler
icon website2Website

Violet Sol

A musical collective out of Ypsilanti mixing powerful vocals and thoughtful instrumentation ranging from hip-hop and neo soul to funk and jazz to folk and opera. You'll be glad you stayed up late.

Holler StageFriday, 11:40 PM, Holler Stage

Shannon Clark and the Sugar

A family-driven force of Midwest Americana soul from Greenville, Ohio. Combining honest country storytelling, blues-rock ferocity, and the sweet blend of blood harmonies.

Holler StageSunday, 2:10 PM, Holler Stage
CabinSunday, 4:00 PM, Cabin

Dick Siegel

With lyrics that range from wry to winsome, Dick's penetrating vision has made his songs part of the culture: radio theme songs, quotable classics, and instantly recognizable hooks. Named by WDET as one of “Detroit’s Top Musical Artists of All Time,” Dick has gained scores of fans across North America over the last 30+ years.

Holler StageSaturday, 2:00 PM, Holler Stage

Charlie Millard Band

With percussionist William Harris, Jercat Millard on guitars, and Charlie on the keys/organ/Rhodes bass, they strive to give you a musical experience, like small movies for the ears.

Second HollerSaturday, 7:20 PM, Holler Stage
Second HollerSaturday, 10:00 PM, Cabin
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Wilson Thicket

Old school favorites, creative covers, and dynamic original songs are all delivered with strong doses of vocal harmony and creative instrumental mastery. This music has plenty of roots and lots of grass. There may be some thorns, but also some flowers. Welcome to the thicket!

Holler StageSaturday, 4:00 PM, Holler Stage

The Fat Animals

A five piece ensemble fusing soul, funk, blues and psychedelia into an immersive sonic trip. Their sound is realized through powerful soul-rooted vocals flanked by duelling lead guitars. With a catalogue of jammy goodness spanning decades of the grooviest tracks, deep cuts and original numbers, these five friends produce a fantastically fun vibe that will make you want to get up and groove!

Second HollerSaturday, 7:30 PM, Second Holler

Max Lockwood

Songwriter, vocalist, and poet Max Lockwood channels the flair of Tom Petty and the eloquence of the Beat Generation’s finest to create a sound rooted in songcraft and heartfelt lyricism and bound with elements of rock and roll, folk and pop. With full arrangements and rich poetic focus, the listener is led into a deep sonic landscape by songs that seek to uncover truths of love, adversity, and growth. The first note Max Lockwood sings has the undeniable ability to capture the attention of any crowd. His powerful voice, akin to the likes of Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen, grips listeners with its raw emotion and sheer possibility. With each song, a story is told with rich, vulnerable tones and unbridled emotions.

Holler StageSunday, 4:30: PM, Holler Stage
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Desmond Jones

A five-piece rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their original music is centered around melodic guitar riffs, funky bass lines, groovy drumbeats, and a big ole' pile of saxophone. Desmond Jones puts on exciting and high-energy shows with a high level of musicianship and skillful improvisation.

Second HollerSaturday, 10:00 PM, Second Holler

Yellow Room Gang

Each an accomplished songwriter and performer in their own right, they create a unique atmosphere of respect and support, friendship and generosity finding new and unexpected ways to explore beyond their previous personal boundaries.

Holler StageSaturday, 12:00 PM, Holler Stage
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Matt Watroba & Robert Jones

Two masterful musicians and instrumentalists deliver a powerful message of love, friendship and tolerance. Matt and Robert have delivered their inspiring program of "Music That Matters" to schools and community groups across the nation. It is a walk through the roots and history of American music that not only educates, but entertains.

Holler StageSaturday, 11:00 AM, Holler Stage
icon website2Website

Donya Kiana

Music of the ghosts.

CabinSaturday, 11:00 PM, Cabin

Jive Colossus

Shake a tail feather to some serious funk, jazz and Afro-Caribbean grooves with this 10-piece musical ensemble. Wherever Jive is playing, get ready for a dance party!

Holler StageSaturday, 7:30 PM, Second Holler

Jenny Jones, Jess Merrit, Anne Heaton

We're mixing it up with Michigan music - spontaneous jams and new takes on old tunes may break out! Hear established Michigan songwriters take turns sharing songs, riffing on each other's tunes, and having a musical good time! 

CabinSunday, 2:00 PM, Cabin

Dave Sharp Worlds Quartet

With stunning musicianship and captivating world rhythms the Quartet takes audiences on a mesmerizing tour exploring music traditions from Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, India, Bulgaria and Greece. 

CabinFriday, 10:00 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Peter Madcat Ruth & John Churchville

Peter Madcat Ruth is a Grammy Award-winning virtuoso harmonica player based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. But Madcat doesn’t just play blues harp, he also sings and plays ukulele, guitar, high-hat, and jaw-harp. Madcat’s repertoire of styles includes Blues, American Roots Music, Folk Music, Jazz, and World Music. Madcat will be accompanied by tabla maestro, John Churchville (the founder of Sumkali).

Holler StageSaturday, 1:00 PM, Holler Stage

Buffalo Rose

Buffalo Rose is a wildly charismatic six-piece modern folk/Americana band from Pittsburgh, PA. They take the singer-songwriter tradition to a new level by crafting original songs which are emotive, meticulously arranged, and inspired by a world of idiosyncratic influences that never let a dull or predictable moment creep in.

Holler StageSunday, 3:20 PM, Holler Stage
Second HollerSunday, 4:30 PM, Yurt

Sadie Gustafson-Zook

The act of creating something tangible is the air Sadie Gustafson-Zook breathes. Her songwriting weaves an internal dialogue, the stories she tells herself, warm melodies and clever chords into something real, something she can physically feel with her hands and her throat. And chances are that you’ll be able to feel them too.

CabinFriday, 8:00 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website

The Pontiac Trail Blazers

Hailing from the Ann Arbor area, the Pontiac Trail Blazers have been the house bluegrass band for Detroit Street Filling Station since 2017, now holding down Friday Bluegrass Nights at North Star Lounge. Featuring Michael Spaly on fiddle/mando, Joe O’Dell on guitar, Ryan Shea on upright, and Vince Russo on washboard, they focus on beautiful harmonies and acoustic prowess inspired by their Bluegrass roots. With a deep repertoire of traditional standards, originals, and unique covers, the Trail Blazers will keep you guessing with unexpected tunes and arrangements.

Holler StageFriday, 10:30 PM, Holler Stage
icon website2Website

Chris Buhalis

Chris Buhalis was born and raised on Detroit's east side, but his songs come from places you can only find if you stick out your thumb and follow fate's lead. Covering territory from Alaska's whiskey-soaked bars to the spark- and steel-filled auto plants of Detroit, Chris writes the songs of America. Chris has appeared on radio's "Acoustic Cafe" and shared stages with the likes of David Bromberg, Catie Curtis, and Dave Van Ronk.

CabinSaturday, 6:00 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Loren Kranz

Music with deeply soulful vibes, raw and spontaneous like your favorite Motown record. Upon first listen, you might think you were hearing a long-lost rehearsal tape of Van Morrison sitting in with the Band. As a drummer/keyboardist, all of his songs have powerful grooves baked in, with a strong emotional center, drawing on his own experiences as a journeyman musician to tell slice-of-life stories.

Holler StageFriday, 6:00 PM, Holler Stage
icon website2Website

The Boblo Islanders

Hawaiian Guitar music from 75-105 years ago. We all reside in and around Detroit, MI. We play at festivals, libraries, farm parties and dive bars in and around SE Michigan.

Tree HouseSunday, 3:20 PM, Forest Stage
icon website2Website

Anna Lee’s Co.

Rootsy blend of blues, funk, rock, jazz, and folk with a full band plus fiddle and lots of singing. Like a top notch campfire jam session, plugged in and rocking out. All invited to dance hard, and sing along!

Second HollerSaturday, 8:40 PM, Second Holler
icon website2Website

Eric O'Daly

“From the moment he opened his mouth to sing, Eric O’Daly captured the crowd, guiding us through moments of ecstatic outburst, pastoral melancholy, and churning questioning. With the sparkling eyes of a good friend sharing an old joke, he engaged the audience during and between songs. O’Daly’s ability to transform himself to fit the wide-ranging styles of music he performed was echoed in his exchanges with the audience, sometimes displaying a wry wit and other times drawing us in with deeply personal anecdotes. Rich and evocative, his songs are woven together by the threads of authenticity and open-heartedness. I can’t wait to see him again.” - Dave Kozman, KLR Reviews

Holler StageSunday, 5:30 PM, Holler Stage
icon website2Website

Alison Lewis

A singer songwriter out of River Rouge, MI. She has shared her songs throughout the US as well as Europe and The UK. Alison is the founding member of String of Ponies and also spent many years as the lead vocalist of the dream-pop trio, The Twilight Babies.

Second HollerSaturday, 11:30 AM, Second Holler
icon website2Website

Josh Rose, Lauren Crane, Mike Ward, Dan Hall

 We're mixing it up with Michigan music - spontaneous jams and new takes on old tunes may break out! Hear established Michigan songwriters take turns sharing songs, riffing on each other's tunes, and having a musical good time!

Tree HouseSaturday, 2 PM, Forest Stage


The Raisin Pickers

Hailing from Manchester but performing all around the Mitten, this seasoned group of stellar multi-instrumentalists plays a mix of rustic Appalachian music, old time swing, bluegrass, and Louisiana sounds.

CabinSaturday, 3:00 PM, Cabin


The CommonWealth Dance Collective

Displaying various styles of traditional percussive dance, from Appalachian clogging to English waltzes, a trip back in time to the Vaudeville era, and a little visit north of the border into Canada for Ottawa Valley stepping.   Immediately following will be an “advanced beginner” workshop, for those who have the basics of percussive dancing and are ready to move on!  Closed-toe shoes recommended for workshop participants - well worn tennies or anything with a leather sole is great!

(Beginners Workshop: Saturday 11:00 am-noon)

Founded by Sheila Graziano in 2004, The CommonWealth Dance Collective (CDC) is an ensemble of stepdancers based in southeast Michigan.  The CDC performs myriad percussive dance styles, including Appalachian clogging, English, Canadian, American tap, Celtic, and more! Highlighting both historic and original choreography, the members of the CDC delight in capturing the spirits of the past and the present with equal enthusiasm, and sharing the joy of many cultures through dance. Performing and teaching both hold equally high value for the members of the ensemble.

• Sun. 10:30 AM - Noon, Forest Stage

The Jaybees

The Jaybees are Janet Benson and John Baltic.

Second HollerSunday, 2:50 PM, Second Holler
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Upper Michigan mood music.

Holler StageSaturday, 3:00 PM, Holler Stage
icon website2Website

Hatchwing Rider

An americana band, a folk band, a rock band, a country band. New EP is being released October 16th

Second HollerFriday, 7:30 PM, Second Holler
icon website2Website

Eliza Thorp

Northern Michigan based Singer/Songwriter, Eliza Thorp, has been weaving stories and finding home in the warmth of the Mitten music community. She writes songs of home and the heart, that stir a connection and understanding of going deeper, looking inward and soothing the storms inside.

CabinSaturday, 5:00 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Josh Rose, Ed Dupas

Two of west Michigan's favorite singer/songwriters.

icon yurtSaturday, 4:00 PM, Yurt

Mustard’s Retreat

Delighting audiences by telling stories for 40 years- they are witty, insightful, fun, and profound, as well as accomplished songwriters and musician ( guitars, dulcimer, electric bass, mandolin, harmonica, pennywhistle). In addition to being raconteurs and storytellers, they will give you things to laugh about for days to come and remember for years. Tales of stupid frogs, wandering cadavers, haunted bridges and techo-nerds, memories of small towns and high school, first loves and last…and places we’ve been or maybe just dreamed of.

Tree HouseSaturday, 4:30 PM, Forest Stage
icon website2Website

Audra Kubat with Emily Rose

A regular nominee and two-time winner of Detroit Music Awards, Audra Kubat is one of the Motor City’s select female voices, with folk-rock and indie pop stylings.

CabinSaturday, 12:00 AM, Cabin

Third Coast Swing

They play music of The late Belgium born Romani Gypsy, Django Reinhardt & his band, The Hot Club Of Paris. Inspired by the 1930s-50s, the band provides an exciting mix of music from early swing to bebop tunes.

Holler StageSunday, 1:00 PM, Holler Stage
icon website2Website

Nick James

A talented musician and songwriter who brings a soulful touch to your favorite pop hits. If you're a fan of chill, acoustic tunes with a touch of country, you won't want to miss Nick James's live shows.

CabinSaturday, 12:30 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Minor Element

An all-instrumental jazz fusion band out of Battle Creek, Michigan. Their sound is inspired by Jazz, Rock, Gospel, Fusion, and anything they can draw inspiration from. Being a diverse group of musicians from many musical backgrounds and experiences makes their sound unique!

Holler StageSaturday, 10:40 PM, Holler Stage


Formado explícitamente para tocar en HollerFest 1987, AfroDorkoLatino no se ha presentado en América del Norte desde entonces. Es un gran placer que después de los cambios en el título 42, AfroDorkoLatino venga a rectificar los contratiempos de Hollerfest 2022 de su empresa matriz. Es posible que hayan almorzado solos en la escuela secundaria, pero estos Dorks crecieron con salsa, samba y merengue.

Second HollerSaturday, 1:40 PM, Second Holler

Austin Benzing

A West Michigan singer-songwriter and guitarist making a mess in the genre sandbox. His original releases boast a wide array of influences, resulting in Michigan made country-fied progressive rock with a sliver of acid jazz that is guaranteed to excite crowds of all ages and interests.

Holler StageSaturday, 6:10 PM, Holler Stage

Joe Reilly

Music from the heart for people of all ages.

CabinSunday, 6:30 PM, Holler Stage
Second HollerSunday, Kid’s Show, 11:30 PM, Second Holler


Cassie Catania

Cassie Catania is a multimedia artist specializing in aerial dance and healing arts, with a massage practice is based in Ann Arbor, MI. She is passionate about aerial dance as a movement form that aids in building confidence, self-discovery, and embodied awareness and that serves as an avenue for unbounded creative exploration and expression. Cassie inspires and encourages others to move in ways that bring them joy.

Holler StageSaturday, 9:15 PM, Holler Stage

Ben Traverse

A Grand Rapids, MI-based traditional folk singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and member of the Earthwork Music Collective. Digging deep into the repertoire of American and Celtic folk music, Traverse brings a unique, youthful enthusiasm to an old and rich musical tradition.

Holler StageSunday, 12:00 PM, Forest Stage

Silver Creek Revival

From the backroads of Northern Michigan, Silver Creek Revival (SCR) is an Alt-Country/Indie Folk band founded on the idea that the songs come first - songs that are simple, profound and accessible. SCR crafts their songs with a unique approach using banjo, saxophone, and pedal steel, lush harmonies and an intuitive rhythm section. The songs - and the band - tell a story.

Second HollerSunday, 5:00 PM, Second Holler

Warren & Flick

Warren & Flick explore the nuanced textures of a two-person ensemble. Using both original material and arranged standards from many genres, this ensemble finds new depth in the simplicity of a duo. Jacob Warren plays double bass, while Grant Flick plays violin, tenor guitar and nyckelharpa. The duo has released two albums together, "Kestrel" in 2019, and "Waxwing" in 2022.

Holler StageSunday, 12:00 PM, Holler Stage

Maddy Ringo

Classically trained singer, songwriter, busker.

Raised in the opera world, and now involved in alt-folk and indie music, Maddy has been performing since age 6. These days, you can find her at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, & Dance, or playing in venues around Michigan or Toronto.

CabinSaturday, 11:00 AM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Whit & Al Hill, Annie & Rod Capps

Legendary performers all, join these long-time musical friends as they trade songs, tell stories, and, with this refreshing reunion, just enjoy each other's company - and yours!

Tree HouseSaturday, 6:30 PM, Forest Stage

Dave Boutette and Kristi Davis

Whether banging out a set of saloon songs at a Michigan watering hole, or settling back for an evening of singing at a fire ring afterward, Dave and Kristi will hold listeners as long as they keep the lights on or until the rain starts.

Second HollerSaturday, 8:00 PM, Cabin

Jessica Wolfbird

With a lifelong love affair with piano and ukulele, you can hear her songs in film, theatre, and even a Cheetos commercial. Her forthcoming album, Everything's True, blends neoclassical piano and indie dream-folk influences, into a style all her own.

CabinSaturday, 9:00 PM, Cabin

Elizabeth Landry

Based out of Northern MI, Elizabeth Landry has graced many stages and hearts with her original “smoky folk” flavor of storytelling songs.

CabinFriday, 7:00 PM, Cabin

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown is an americana-indie rock guitarist and singer-songwriter. He performed in the '70s with the Ann Arbor-based Grievous Angels, then in Nashville, Tenn. with The Tomatoes, fronted by two Billboard No. 1 songwriters. For 25 years he's performed with Corndaddy, and recently with the Cadillac Cowboys. Kevin has been nominated for best songwriter and best instrumentalist at the Detroit Music Awards. He's twice been named "One to Watch" by the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

CabinSunday, 5:00 PM, Cabin

Jon Worthy & the Bends

It’s not easy to put Nashville-based artist Jon Worthy into a genre box. He’s equal parts rock, americana and pop. His sound often hits like a fusion of Nirvana and The Lumineers. Worthy has had song placements with Netflix, USA, FOX, Major League Baseball, as well as various commercials and advertisements.

Second HollerSaturday, 11:50 PM, Holler Stage

Nick Veine

Nick Veine is a singer-songwriter and composer born and raised in Manistee, MI. He grew up playing rock and blues before he started singing, pivoting to acoustic music without losing that electric flair.

Second HollerSunday, 4:00 PM, Second Holler

The Antivillains

The Antivillains is the work of songwriter Sarah Cohen. Born in the Rust-Belt city of Toledo Ohio, her songs are populated by quiet dramas that have come and gone and pictures of messy lives somewhere in the middle.

Second HollerFriday, 8:40 PM, Second Holler

Hearth & Hymn

A minimalist folk duo known for their close harmony sisterhood, Hearth & Hymn rearranges old songs that move them with a queer, feminist lens.

CabinFriday, 6:00 PM, Cabin

Davy Rothbart/Found Magazine

Davy Rothbart is a bestselling author, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, the creator of Found Magazine, and a frequent contributor to public radio's This American Life. Rothbart is also the founder of Washington To Washington, an annual hiking adventure for city kids. An Ann Arbor native, he now lives in Los Angeles, California.

In Davy's entertaining presentation, he shares actual "found" letters, to-do lists, kid's homework, ticket stubs, receipts - all offering a glimpse into our everyday life - sometimes poignant, often humorous, and always real.

Interactive AreaSaturday, 1:00 PM, Yurt
Second HollerSaturday, 5:40 PM, Second Holler

Prime Time and the Headliners

AKA Willy Nilly and the Free-For-All, Cheddar Bunnies, PTO and the Implements, NPK and the Trace Elements, Play by Ear and the No Rehearsals, Billy King and the Garden Tour Band

Holler StageFriday, 8:10 PM, Holler Stage

Linden Thoburn, Adam Labeaux, Dan Hazlett

We're mixing it up with Michigan music - spontaneous jams and new takes on old tunes may break out! Hear established Michigan songwriters take turns sharing songs, riffing on each other's tunes, and having a musical good time! 

Tree HouseSunday, 12:30 PM, Forest Stage

Kat Steih

Kat Steih, a songwriter and vocalist with folk rock roots, pushes boundaries as she creatively bends the genres of jazz,  soul, and progressive rock.

CabinSaturday, 1:00 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website


A musical project born out of reverence for the Parisian Jazz Manouche style that was made popular by the legendary Sinti guitarist Django Reinhardt and his Quintette du Hot Club de France.

CabinFriday, 9:00 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Fangs and Twang

A stripped down roots-rock blend of indie-kicks and swinging bluegrass with theatrical, croony lyrics.

Second HollerSaturday, 2:50 PM, Second Holler

Billy and Emily

Emily and Billy mix original songs with eclectic and vibrant covers by the likes of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and the Beatles, lending beautiful harmonies and sharing solos on several instruments, including guitar, banjo, fiddle, and mandolin.

CabinSunday, 1:40 PM, Yurt

Mike Ward

Lyrically-centric, vocally-charged folk songs. Those are what singer-songwriter Mike Ward loves to create. His writing echoes along empty sidewalks, on country backroads, in family portraits, and in the thin lines between joy and tragedy, love and loss, past, present and future.

CabinSaturday, 6:00 PM, Yurt
icon treehouseSaturday, 2:00 PM, In the Round, Forest Stage

Fay Burns and the Embers

Fiery, feminine, and fearless. Here to add hot honey to the tea blend that is the Americana genre.

Holler StageSaturday, 12:30 PM, Second Holler

RamBull Rompers

A New Orleans-based power duo that not only entertains the heart with their catchy and soulful songs, but can also warm an audience with their humor and relatability. Their talents surpass the number of instruments they can play, almost all of which they are happy to feature in their live shows, switching regularly between the drums, guitar, banjo, and piano.

Holler StageSaturday, 5:00 PM, Holler Stage

Morgan Von Quackenbush

Morgan will play an eclectic array of folk driven original music with notes of blues, jazz, and good old fashioned rock and roll.

Sunday, 3:00 PM, Cabin

Relics of the Future

Relics of the Future present a cornucopia of original songs with some unusual covers mixed in.

CabinFriday, 5:00 PM, Cabin
Forest StageFriday, 8:00 PM, Forest Stage

Monte Pride

Monte Pride is a Michigan-born, Michigan-based singer-songwriter & fingerstyle guitarist whose songs recall the delicate vocals of Simon & Garfunkel. Haunting melodies blended with vivid lyricism bring a complex array of healing, soul stirring song.

CabinSunday, 1:30 PM, Second Holler

Gemini Kids Show

Performing since 1973 and now playing music for their third (or is it fourth?) generation of young fans and families.

Second HollerSaturday, 10:30 AM, Second Holler

Anne Erlewine

Michigan native singer-songwriter Anne Erlewine distills her lyrics, and sets them to simple, clever, cyclic guitar parts that support her clear, direct, and hauntingly honest voice. Her debut album ‘Over The Bones’ was released in September, 2019.

Second HollerSaturday, 4:00 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Rochelle Clark & The Familiars

Steeped in musical roots of folk, Americana and country, Rochelle draws from personal experience to sing songs of real life - joy, struggle and human tragedy. A powerful voice joined with a personal message - either solo or with a full band - Rochelle offers music to inspire joy, inspiration, and reflection.

CabinSaturday, 2:00 PM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Shari Kane & Dave Steele

A four handed guitar party of original and time-honored blues, gospel, swing and ragtime.

CabinSaturday, 7:00 PM, Cabin
icon yurtBlues jam - Saturday, 3:00 PM, Yurt


Menefee has been crooning his way into the heart of Ann Arbor since the late ’60s, as well as building stone chimneys throughout the state, and starring in the Michigan-based musical “The North Country Opera.” Menefee holds a lexicon of American song craft in his set list and delivers the tunes in a charming, age-old easy manner.

CabinSunday, 1:00 PM, Cabin

Dan Hall

One thing that stands out is the connection Dan can make with his audience whether it's around a campfire, on the radio, or in concert.

icon yurtSaturday, 5:00 PM, Yurt
Tree HouseSaturday, 2:00 PM, In The Round, Forest Stage

Milan & the Ellipsis

Milan started playing cello in the 90s. You can hear some of this musical background in the songwriter's adept finger-picking that softly swirls and loops into beautiful melodies, giving her soothing voice space to lift your spirit and calm your soul.

Second HollerSunday, 12:30 PM, Second Holler

Jo Serrapere and the La Fawndas

Whether recreating old songs from the Mississippi Delta or performing songs in her own confessional style, Jo's music stands original while always reflecting her love of American roots music.

Second HollerSaturday, 5:10 PM, Second Holler

Jonas Dainius Berzanskis

Jonas Dainius Berzanskis is a singer songwriter who is also a producer/engineer. He recently did a tour of his home country of Lithuania playing at the major event - the Bardu Festival. Jonas will be performing his own compositions as well as several tunes from David Tamulevich of Mustard's Retreat.. The tunes David wrote that Jonas will perform share their mutual Lithuanaian heritage. There might be a few surprise guests with Jonas..

Tree HouseSaturday, 10:00 AM, Cabin
icon website2Website

Judy Banker Band

With the acclaimed 2020 release of her CD, Buffalo Motel and her soon-to-be-released fourth studio recording, BONA FIDE, Judy explores a countrified indie rock territory while resting firmly in her Americana roots. Judy’s friends (some of Ann Aror’s top musicians) provide a rich, driving Sonic landscape behind her penetrating and heartfelt lyrics.

Second HollerSaturday, 10:00 AM, Holler Stage


Ann Arbor based PATH plays melodically rich, original folk/soul music. Songwriter and guitarist Chris Hedly joins Tim Prosser on mandolin and Scott McWhinney on harmonicas for sweet vocal harmonies, handcrafted rhythms, and upbeat musical fun. Our concert is in memory of and celebration of PATH’s former percussionist - our good friend Don Allen.

Forest StageFriday, 5:30 PM, Second Holler

Michael Lee

A mime actor, an art he has practiced, shared and taught for over 30 years. Be transported into the rich non-verbal world of humor, pathos and surprise!

CabinSaturday, 12 noon, Forest Stage

Barker and Broski

Mike (Snyder-Barker) and Chris (Broski) are a musical duo of singer/songwriters that perform with a Zendrum (electronic drum kit) and classical guitar. Their unique tools bring a new perspective on original acoustic folk, rock, and country songs.

Tree HouseFriday, 7:00 PM, Forest Stage
Yurt StageBark's Tales, Sunday, 11:30 PM, Yurt

J. Michael & The Heavy Burden

Sounds are heavily steeped in Blues, Folk, Americana, Jam Rock, and acoustic/electric groove-swing-and the feel good vibes in-between.

Second HollerFriday, 6:30 PM, Second Holler

Shannon Lee & The Silver Linings

As an acoustic solo musician, collaborator and songwriter, Detroit native Shannon Lee draws from the deep well of roots music along with contemporary indie genres to inspire her songwriting. Supported by her band, Shannon Lee's original "heartspun" songs celebrate everything from love, heartache and loss to social and political issues. 

Holler StageFriday, 5:00 PM, Holler Stage

Barefeet Bearfeet

With tangled manes and stories to match, these playful folks play playful folk in the key of Michigan.

CabinSunday, 12:00 PM, Cabin

Greater Alexander

The path to achieving a dream can be a long, arduous journey. On it, you see remnants of those that have traveled before you. You see lost hope and altered courses. Indie­folk artist, Greater Alexander, has seen all of that and more.

CabinSaturday, 12:00 AM, Cabin

The Switchbacks

Fun, danceable, country-rockin' blues with a dash of honky tonk and funky soul. Dedicated to inspiring a lengthy stay on the Dance Floor!

Holler StageFriday, 7:00 PM, Holler Stage

San and Emily

Traditional and contemporary folk, jazz and classical music. Their beautifully blended harmony vocals and exciting instrumental work breathe new life into a wide variety of American and international music, from folk to classical, klezmer to Broadway show tunes, traditional to contemporary.

CabinSaturday, 1:00 PM, Forest Stage

Ancestral Voices

A percussion ensemble sharing heart felt and spirit driven original songs. Traditional folkloric poly rhythms of cultures around the world telling a story thru dance and awakening our world cultural awareness. Audiences will be left with wind blown hair and eyes wide open.

Holler StageFriday, 4:00 PM, Holler Stage
Second HollerSaturday, 3:40 PM, Second Holler
Interactive AreaSaturday, 7:30 PM, Forest Stage


Rooted in traditional Irish music, Nutshell pulls in many other influences to create their own delicious stew. A Holler Fest tradition!

Holler StageSunday, 10:00 AM, Holler Stage

Singing Rounds

Angie and Chrissy Martin, well-known for their exceptional skills in the Holler Kitchen, have been singing together since before they both could talk. The sisters love to share the joy of song wherever they roam and are joined by Sarah Felder, skilled with camp songs and sea chanteys. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate in this rambunctious round-singing workshop!

Interactive AreaSunday, 2:20 PM, Forest Stage

Michael Shelata

He's chosen a very fun, emotional and passionate set list and will be joined by some amazing musicians too! Come, listen to the arrangements of these tunes and songs Michael has written:

Wings in Flight, Graceful Dancers, If You Choose, Sentimental Moment, Rhapsody, Lamentation, Just For You, Love You More, Solace, Inviting, Tempting Tease, Last First Date, Hop, <title to be revealed later> , Self Grounding, Dreamscape


CabinSunday, 11:00 AM, Cabin

Lauren Crane

Singing songwriter Lauren Crane’s music is like a day at the amusement park, packed with a collection of songs that offer everything but a sleeve of fat fries and a corn dog. Lauren’s songs take you up and down and round and round, a tilt-a-whirl of folk, blues and bluegrassiness. Whether singing about a blackmailing laundress, a bovine queen or buzzing bumble bees, her songs which she plays on a variety of ukuleles, have been known to inspire a guffaw or two and offer up a few surprises.

Tree HouseSaturday, 2:00 PM, In The Round, Forest Stage
YurtSaturday, 7 PM, Yurt

The Lucky Nows

Mixing contemporary folk, traditional country, gypsy scales, oatmeal raisin cookies and extreme sleep deprivation to create a totally unique sound.

Saturday, 5:30 PM, Forest Stage

Johnny’s Gospel Hour

Songs and celebration, prayers and praise. With Johnny Walker, Holler Fest’s emcee for 14 years and counting.

Holler StageSunday, 11:00 AM, Holler Stage